22 August 2009

There have been some major changes to the structure and look of the site:

This section is an expanded version of the four Web pages that detailed the direct ancestors of my grandparents. Extra features made possible include:

  • the citing of sources;
  • a calendar of anniversaries – births, deaths and weddings;
  • interactive maps (just one for now);
  • easier access to the bigger charts via links at the foot of a person's bio;
  • easier navigation between generations.

For the future, this will also allow the addition of details for siblings of my ancestors – some led very interesting lives.

New content includes:

  • details of our families as found in the recently released 1911 Census of England and Wales (Scotland is not yet available);
  • some emigration/immigration details for Arthur and Mary (McGovern) O'Neill and family in the 1930's.

The remaining pages and sidebars from the original site are now in their own Background and Resources section. This may also be accessed from the Site Home page. Do you know anything about traditional naming patterns for children?

The Database section has an additional 25 people, some found on the 1911 Census. More details on the Database Recent Changes page.

The fourth section is new and reflects my growing interest in the Brandis surname. Where did this rare name come from? Did an ancestor set out from Germany, or just Warwickshire? Or (unlikely but possible) even East Anglia? And why did so many emigrate to Australia or North America in the nineteenth century? There's not much there yet, but as I piece things together from census records, BMD sources and whatever else I can find, I'll put more online.

As ever, your enquiries, comments and corrections are welcome. In particular, do let me know whether or not the site is easy to use. An email link is in the footer of every page.