This section of the Web site is concerned with my four grandparents and their direct ancestors. In time I will be adding those siblings of my ancestors for whom I have more than just the basic data.

Although described as 'narratives', do not expect polished prose just yet. However, you will find lots of information for many, together with a small but growing number of photographs of people and places.

These are my grandparents:

If you are looking for basic information on the wider connections of my ancestors, then please go to the Database section.

The information here:

  • Excludes details of all living people and those recently deceased.
  • Is limited to people, relationships and events for which I have reasonable evidence.
  • Provides the source information, but not full citation details, of each event. If sources are missing for a person or event, this is likely to be an oversight and will be corrected ASAP. However, in a very few cases only, the evidence I have is circumstantial rather than direct, and so difficult to sum up in a list of sources.

Some of the sources cited are 'temporary'. For instance, I plan to replace all references to the IGI once I have been able to consult the appropriate parish register. (I have only used 'extracted' records, never those that have been 'submitted'.)

Despite my best efforts, there are, no doubt, some errors on these pages. There are also gaps and uncertainties. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have some information that you think I should be aware of. Just click on the e-mail link in the footer.

Finding a specific person

To search by name, see the Surname Index. Note that whilst women are listed under their birth and married surnames where applicable, some couples never actually got married. Where the evidence points to an informal partnership only, no married surname may be found.

To find someone by their position in a tree, see the list of Charts.

The following icons may be found after a person's name. They indicate that person's relationship to me:

— a Direct Ancestor;

— a Sibling of a Direct Ancestor;

— a more distant Cousin;

— a Spouse of a Cousin, or a non-blood-related Spouse of an Ancestor.